All of Klättermusen’s products that have been manufactured since 2009 have a label stating a deposit value between 1 and 20 Euros. When you return the product to a store that sells Klättermusen goods you will receive a voucher with the same value as the label. This voucher can be used in the same store to buy a new product from Klättermusen.
We don’t offer this service for small accessories and products manufactured prior to 2009, but you are still welcome to return them so we can dispose of them or recycle them in the best way possible. We believe in an afterlife for outdoor equipment. We collect all the returned products from the stores and sort them for recycling or reuse in one way or another.

Reuse is best – mending them and giving them a longer life. Wear your clothes for as long as you can! We have a second-hand market with products that we have mended and returned products that have been repaired. So far, this is only for our local market in Åre, but there are real rarities there at bargain prices. They are marked with the rECOvered label - product in its second life
When we design products, we try to separate materials as much as possible, but without reducing functionality. This makes recycling easier. Polyester can now be recycled and used for new products. This is done in Japan by a company called Teijin®. Polyamide can be recycled, but our partner currently requires quantities of 50 tonnes, so we will be gathering worn-out products for a while. Metal can be recycled and Swedish municipalities have a system that works. As regards cotton and polypropylene, we currently do not have a partner, but we are working on finding one.

Our belief is that in the future more companies and public authorities will realise the importance of saving the world’s resources. That is when design directives that will facilitate recycling will be issued. There will be containers for collecting different types of textiles and recycling can take place more locally and with greater efficiency. There will also be less need for large quantities.

While we wait for this, we are starting to make our own collection, and we want to reward those who help us by providing deposits on our products. We want to show you the value of the materials, even when the product is worn-out.

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